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MEETING DATE: January 21, 2021

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Maripaula Valdes-Berriz (Program Speaker)
SMV Chamber of Commerce:  "The Great Santa Maria Valley Restaurant Take Out". Order take out from one of the numerous restaurants and wineries that are participating in this 10 day promotion. Go to the Chamber's website for the complete list.
Board Meeting Update: Our Rotary Club Board met on 1-20-21. They discussed the possibility of a Barn Party in 2021 and fundraising alternatives. It was determined that the Barn Party would most likely be out of the question. A virtual "Night of Music and Comedy" was further discussed and a plan will be developed to make it a reality. James Thomas will be leading the committee and he welcomes all club volunteers. Contact him for more details.
Kevin Walthers: Updated the club on our fundraising efforts that helped a poor family overcome an unemployment benefit scam that stole money from their account. As of yesterday, $2,630 had been raised by our club with a total of over $3,000 expected in the next few days. If you haven't had a chance to contribute yet, contact Mike Gibson and he will add you to the list.
Ryan Swack: bragged on his son's 7th birthday. Cooper had a drive-by celebration with a Hot Wheels theme.  $30
Shannon Seifert: also celebrated a recent birthday. Her "romantic" husband Tim bought her a new washer and dryer to honor the occasionlaugh. She bragged $60 on herself and another $7 in honor of Cooper Swack.
Andy Caldwell: Pat McDermott recently hired one of his daughters. She is studying to be a CPA.  $50
Berto Rodriguez: his son recently turned 9. So $9 it is
Angie Gumabon: and......another birthday! She recently celebrated her 35th and as an extra bonus, an old friend dropped by to help her celebrate the day.  $35
Chris Hastert: forgot that the Zoom camera was still on when he began shaving in front of it. Oops!  $30
Dale Johnson: was pointing at something, but nobody seems to know what it is??? Oh well, $30 for you Dale.
Mark Schneider: participated in the "drive-by" Cooper Swack birthday celebration in a police car.  $30 ?? (Wait a minute, shouldn't Ryan pay his fine?) wink
David Leroy: Apparently there are Toyota markings in the middle of nowhere. How's that for market penetration?  $30
Maripaula Valdes-Berriz
The program presented today was information regarding the Meritos Foundation. Their vision is for a healthy ocean cared for by diverse coastal communities who live in an environmentally responsible manner regardless of native language, economic status, cultural beliefs or ethnic background. The mission of the organization is ocean protection through education, conservation, citizen science and to inspire the next generation of environmental professionals. As usual, questions were answered from the audience after the presentation was completed.
and another chapter begins.......

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