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Project in La Paz, MX and The District Grant Process
Sep 19, 2019
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Sep 26, 2019
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Oct 03, 2019
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Oct 10, 2019
Oct 17, 2019
George Allan Hancock (American Businessman)
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Aug 22, 2019
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Santa Maria Country Club
Sep 08, 2019
Chumash Casino
Sep 15, 2019
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
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Oct 03, 2019
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Chumash Casino
Oct 11, 2019 – Oct 12, 2019
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MEETING DATE:  July 18, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE:  Mike Buhring
MOMENT OF REFLECTION:  Keeping Lee Volker Cox, Doug Coleman and Glenn Morris in our thoughts and prayers.
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Abel Maldonado (Who???), Michael Boyer (Nipomo) and Cheryl  ??? (SLO)

Rotary Board Meeting: Wednesday July 24 @ 5:30 PM at the Santa Maria Country Club
Santa Maria Chamber Awards Gala: Thursday July 25 / 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm @ Marian Theatre
Rotary Fellowship Evening: David and Lisa Long's residence. Saturday August 3. 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.
YMCA Day in the Park: Sunday August 18 / 8:00 am to 4:00 pm @ Waller Park
B & G Club Ag for Youth Golf Tournament: July 29 at the SMCC
Operation Surf: Thursday October 3 at Ted & Beth Ortega's residence
*Rotary District Conference: Saturday October 12 in Santa Ynez @ Chumash Casino*
Paul Harris Award Presentation: Dan Blough
Monthly Rotarians of the Decade: Wendy Foxen bragged on getting free brags. Jason Francia's house sold in six days!! (I think his brag was free as well??)  Who knows....I can't keep up sometimesblush
Dan Blough: He and Peggy celebrated their July birthdays with a little trip to Hawaii. Along the way there were unplanned obstacles that had to be dealt with, but all in all they had a great time. $100
Rich Watson: Rich's son Ben, wed his sweetheart Hannah this past week. There was even a saxophone soloist that hung out of a tree. Quite the event. He was very happy to brag $50
Kate Ferguson: bragged on the Tamura rotating dinner party that she and her husband attended. She also was very proud of her granddaughters that qualified for the Junior Olympics in swimming. $60
Jason Stillwell & Mike Cardona were also at the Tamura dinner. $30 each
Frank Ortiz: was very proud of his granddaughter who recently played 6+ matches at an Oceanside soccer tournament. $50
Roberto Rodriguez: survived his 40 year old birthday party. He then did some "fuzzy math" equation that wound up totaling $19 for his brag???
Ken Bradley: He and Brooke recently bought a ginormous RV/Trailer. No brag equals a $30 fine
The following members were fined $30 each for not updating their Rotary profile pics and/or information this decade. Mike Gibson, Rich Watson, Tim Staffel, Patrice Mosby, Michelle Newman and Kate (the red head) Ferguson.
 Michael Boyer
Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream
This week's program was presented by Mr. Michael Boyer who is the current CEO of Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Company. He gave the members a brief history lesson on the brand and provided samples of the product during his talk. The company began in 2003 and now has quite a large customer base that seems to be growing more and more with each passing day. Currently the company is looking to expand it's number of locations and licensing options. One hundred units is the current goal for the company. To help attain this number, the company will be offering stock for purchase. Their hope is that this will generate approximately 13 million dollars to help fund their expansion plans. At the end of his presentation Mr. Boyer urged anyone that is interested in investing to please contact him afterwards and he would provide all the financial information needed to help make a sound decision.
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