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Aug 03, 2019
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Aug 18, 2019
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Oct 03, 2019
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MEETING DATE:  July 11,  2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Andy Caldwell
MOMENT OF REFLECTION:  Thinking of Glenn Morris and Doug Coleman and their families

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Today's presenters - Krista Delia and Kelsey Ferguson from the YMCA, Anthony Burns from the Harvest Community Center, Mike Buhring's wife Michelle and his son and new daughter-in-law, and guests Angelica, Pat and Scott.
Check Presentation
Anthony Burns accepted a check on behalf of the Harvest Community Center
Presentation of Paul Harris Fellows:
We have 93 Paul Harris Fellows, several are multiple fellows, meaning they have received the honor more than once.  Today James Thomas,  Terry Dworacryk and Randy Wise received recognition for being multiple Paul Harris Fellows.
Past President's Pin
Mike Buhring was presented with his long awaited and well deserved Past President's Pin.
Multi-club Cocktail Party, Saturday, August 3rd

Rotary Club of China Lake  Foundation Earthquake Relief:
The Rotary Club of China Lake is seeking donations to provide relief to the victims of the Ridgecrest earthquake.  
Donations are being accepted at the following address:
PO Box1599
Ridgecrest, CA 93556
Boys and Girls Club Ag for Youth Golf Tournament - Wednesday, July 29
Contact Roberto Rodriguez if you want to help or participate
District Conference, Saturday, October 12 - Chumash Conference Center
Family Day In the Park/Healthy Kids Day
Sunday, August 18, 2019
11:00 am 4:00 pm

Waller Park, Santa Maria
See Mike Gibson if you would like to help!

Rotarian of the Decade is Doug Palmer... actually, this year Kevin will be transitioning to a Rotarian of the Week to provide more opportunity for club members to be recognized.

As Rotarian of the Week, Doug bragged on his son.  Last week he was promoted to detective and they honored him with a dinner at the Hitching Post.  

Mike Buhring bragged on his son and new daughter -in-law.  He also bragged on Pat, Mark, and Wayne, who bar tended at their wedding $50

Jerry Walsh- bragged on celebrating 50 years of marriage this week - $50

Tim Staffel bragged on coming back from a wonderful trip in Nashville Tennessee.  He also highly recommended seeing the Million Dollar Quarter at PCPA  - $50

Jason Francia bragged on James Thomas on his birthday and how he handled a situation for him.  He also bragged on Peter, who came and helped him move.  Dale Johnson was also a huge help on his new house.  He is very proud of his wife, who is packing and moving, with a new baby $40

James Thomas bragged on going to Las Vegas last week with his wife and daughter.  They had a lot of fun and went to see Gwen Staffoni - $25

Jerry Schmidt bragged on his future son in law who graduated from the Hot Shot division of Fire Fighters.  He has already been called out on fires.   While it is unnerving to have no communication, he is proud of the work he is doing - $25

Laurie Tamura bragged on ten years ago, when Frank sponsored her into the club.   It has been one of the greatest joys of her life to be in this club, and serve as president -  two times a president.   Her brag was for $30 and paying for one of Franks’ fines.

Kevin Walthers bragged $100 on his Hamburg trip.  He was able to see the musical, Hamilton, in London.


Jimmie V was fined for wearing flip flops to a nice restaurant - with his toe nails painted!  That’s just wrong…

Mark Clarke was also fined for wearing flip flops

Andy Caldwell was fined for a picture of his High School ID in Lompoc, where he was sporting an afro.  Andy gave a very entertaining excuse that it was actually an afro – mullet, whatever that is.

Concert Going Rotarian Fines

The Seiferts and Walthers attended a conference where they were both sitting in higher seats.  Shannon and Tim went down to dance, leaving Kevin to have take all of Shannon’s crap down to the dance area.  Shannon was fined $30; Tim was not fined because he didn’t leave his belongings unattended. 

Craig Bernard was fined because he also attended the concert, and didn’t brag it.

Trivia Fines
The following Rotarians were fined $30 each for missing history trivia questions:

Mike MoatsGary Nemetz, and Mike Cardona

PROGRAM:  Santa Maria YMCA

Our program was provided by Krista Delia, Sr. Program Director for the YMCA.  Accompanying her was Childcare Director, Kelsey Ferguson.  They reviewed the Y’s Mission, who they are, and what they do.  Rotary as a club donates $5,500 a year to YMCA.  This year the Y raised over $300,000 in 4 weeks.  The really appreciated the help of Ryan Swack’s boys. The are the best fundraisers ever! The Y also works with Rotary on the “Day in the Park” program, and their annual Golf Tournament, which will celebrate its 40-year anniversary, on September 27.


The YMCA is very proud of the new Rise Up Program that helps prevent gang activity.  The program, which serves 50 youth, targets 3rd graders going into 4th grade, with the goal of preventing kids  from entering gangs before it is too late. Participants enjoy swimming, STEM, Art and are introduced to Hancock College’s Bulldog Bound program.  This past year Kate Ferguson, with Shoes for Students also purchased the swim ware for the Rise Up Program.  

New at the Y this year was an outreach program in Los Alamos.  This involved a three-week summer camp, where students participated in cheer, cooking and sports.  The Y also took over the former tutoring for literacy program run by Gen Span and worked with Miller School   


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