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MEETING DATE: March 11, 2021

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Molly Kehoe (Program) plus Jill & Josh Martin
Mark Bachman: Announced that his father, Chuck Hebard had passed away on Monday March 8, 2021. Many members remarked how they had known Chuck and talked about what a remarkable and nice man he was. Chuck will be missed. $500 for the Compassion Fund.
Mike Gibson: Bragged on Marian Medical Center where he was going to get his second Covid shot and remarked that they are extremely professional. $20
Laurie Tamura: Bragged on her niece Annie Heybl who is a freshman at St. Joe's and is a great golfer. $50 
Kathy Simas: Agreed With Mike and also bragged on Marian Medical Center. $20
Jerry Schmidt: Bragged on his daughter Danyelle who is a first year Telemetry nurse at Dignity Hospital. $50
Shannon Seifert: A Threefer: Bragged on her 85 year old mother. Shannon also bragged on Chuck Hebard. Shannon's third brag was on the Santa Maria Airport and members Chris Hastert and Glenn Morris. $75
Kevin Walthers: Bragged on the Hancock College vaccination program. $100
Ken Bradley: Bragged on his trip to Boise to visit the college where his son Tate will be going next year. $20 Ken also thanked Shannon for her letter of recommendation. $20
Berto Rodriguez: Bragged on Terri Stricklin and the Hitching Post where he took a friend for dinner. $50 Berto also bragged on Mike Gibson who served as a judge for the Boys and Girls club. $50
Terri Stricklin: Bragged on the hopes that we would soon enter the RED Tier. $100 Terri also donated $100 to the Compassion Fund.
Tim Seifert: Bragged on those who were able to get their vaccination(s) and lamented that he is too young. $25
Jerry Walsh: Bragged on the Hancock vaccination program where he and his wife received both of their shots. $50 toward the Compassion fund.
The following is a list of those who donated $50 to the Compassion Fund on behalf of Chuck Hebard:
Jerry Schmidt, Ryan Swack, Terri Stricklin, Andy Caldwell, Tim Staffel, Tim Seifert, Kevin Walthers and Berto Rodriguez

 President Ryan: Fined Peter Kang and his wife Samantha for the exciting job of delivering oranges. All caught on video. $30
Jason Francia: Was fined $30 but I don't recall what for.
 Molly Kehoe
Molly gave a very informative talk about care giving and care receiving. This hit home personally as my wife Pat took care of her mother, who had Alzheimer's, in our home. Pat also took care of her father, who had several issues, also in our home.
Fortunately Pat was able to hire some very capable people to assist.
This is a very difficult and time demanding job so her Bachelor's degree in nursing along with her training and years at Cottage Hospital and Marian Hospital certainly helped.
Many thanks to Molly for this information and all of her dedication and hard work.
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