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Jul 04, 2019
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MEETING DATE: June 20, 2019
Acting President:  Shannon Seifert
FLAG SALUTE: Martin Testa

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Nick Pollis (Radisson), Mark Booher (PCPA) and Maggi Daane (Women's Fund)
Maggi Daane: represented the Women's Network in receiving a check for $1,000 from our club. The Women's Fund will use the donation to help improve local Santa Maria families in crisis.
Mike Buhring: announced that there will be a combined club field trip to se the Million Dollar Quartet performance at PCPA on JUne 28th. 47 people have signed up so far so get your name in quickly if you would like to go.
Laurie Tamura: Announced that Doug Coleman had a major stroke this past week. Terri Lee is doing her best to cope with the situation and he is currently being treated at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. If you are friends of the family please reach out to them at your first opportunity.
 Rotarians of the Month: Shannon Seifert appointed Mike Gibson and Mark Jackson Co-Rotarians of the month for June (or at least for her meeting)laugh She punctuated that honor by bragging $100 towards all their hard work for the step down dinner. She also included a "shout out" to Martin & Debi Testa for letting us use their beautiful home and also to Mike Buhring for a great job this past year.
Mike Gibson (Free Brag): bragged on a great job to everyone involved with the dinner. The food/drinks and entertainment were spectacular!!
Mark Jackson (Free Brag): bragged on Mike Gibson for being Mike. While working on his video presentation, Mike checked on him daily to see if he might be able to get a sneak peak at the work in progress. Mark held everything close to his vest and Mike finally saw the video when everyone else did. By the way, for those of you that missed it, it will be shown again in it's entirety at this Thursday's meeting (6/27).
Mike Buhring: bragged on everyone this past year. "Thank you all for your hard work!" $100
Doug Palmer: bragged on his 47th wedding anniversary. $47
Roberto Rodriguez: bragged on Ryan Swack for doing a Pat Riley impersonation (he wore a full suit) and filling in as a youth basketball coach at the B & G Club. $10
Craig Bernard: had his car broken into but was reminded of an inspiring story regarding good Samaritans in a big city. Which confirmed his belief that there are still mostly good people in the world. $25
Lee Carroll: said something prolific in the back of the room.....but I unfortunately couldn't hear him. Anyway, it was worth $25
Jason Francia: has a new house and his in-laws dropped in for an impromptu visit (Jason, now that you have a new baby, this will happen quite oftenwink) $30
Tim Seifert: Thanked Martin & Debi for their great hospitality! $25
Mike Gibson: For not having any prepared announcements this morning (I know what you're thinking.....unbelievable!!!) $30
Ted Ortega: For criticizing someone for not introducing a "guest". Little did he know, the "guest" in question was already a member. If Ted would make it to more meetings he would already know that :) $30
Laurie Tamura & Roberto Rodriguez: For what?? I really don't know.....but it must have been well deservedcheeky
Mark Booher
Mr. Mark Booher was our featured speaker this morning. He spoke to our members about the history of PCPA and the current line up of plays being offered at the Marian Theatre and in Solvang. Pacific Conservatory Theatre was established in 1964 by Walter Conrad and Donovan Marley. The first season of plays were offered in 1965. Since that time hundreds (maybe even thousands) of plays have been performed for our local community. This upcoming season will be their 55th. Technical training is the at the core of PCPA. Every facet of live theater production is taught by trained instructors. Seventy eight completed units are required by each student to achieve their final certification in the program of their choosing. To be accepted into the program is not an easy task. This year 500 actors auditioned and only 34 were accepted. On the other hand, in the technical field, approximately 20 applications came in and 12 were admitted to the program. A number of exciting productions have been scheduled for the remainder of the year. The Addams Family Musical and The Little Mermaid to name just a few. If interested, tickets can obtained at the box office or by calling (805) 922-8313. 
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