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MEETING DATE: May 5, 2022

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Jack Gresser

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Steve Fuhring, Gary Mosby and Sue Andersen (Program Speaker)
Rotary Barn Party Luau: We are now getting down to the wire. May 14th is the big day and a lot of work needs to be done between now and then. Decorations at the Fairpark begin on Monday May 9th and will continue all week long. All tickets need to be sold (or given away) and turned in to Kathy Simas for proper registration. A copy of our auction catalog has been e-mailed to all members. Please feel free to send this along to all interested parties. Next Thursday morning our Rotary meeting will be held at the Fairpark barn (so please don't go to the Inn). Any questions or comments?..........please contact Frank Ortiz.
SJHS Rodeo Queen Campaign: There will be a Kentucky Derby fundraiser for the Queen candidate Rylie Halsell on Saturday May 7 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Radisson. Donation is $50 per person
8th Grade Community Interviews: After an absence due to Covid, the interviews will return May 16 - 19 at Orcutt and Lakeview Jr. High Schools. Thank you for your help if you have signed up to interview.
Party for the Walsh's: Mark your calendar for Saturday May 21st for their "moving away" party at Rotary Park. The time is 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. A great BBQ will be provided. Mike Gibson has a sign-up clipboard if you would like to attend.
Steve Fuhring: This morning, a new member was inducted into the club. Steve is a successful electrician who owns his business and serves the central coast. Mike Gibson is his sponsor. Mark Jackson and Frank Ortiz are also pictured.
Rande Downer: was presented his official overdue Blue Badge by Frank Ortiz. Rande also co-writes this wonderful Rotary Bull-A-Ton on a bi-weekly basiswink
Jim Peterson: bragged $30 on Linda Maloney for attending our meeting this morning. We love you Linda!!
Mark Jackson: wanted to thank everyone that has signed up to decorate. He has only one clipboard left that needs to be filled, so if you can be of service, please do so. He also wanted to "special thank" Terri Stricklin for volunteering almost every night. $50
Kevyn Walthers: bragged on his wife's birthday and for our club donating money to the Spartatroniks team for their Texas trip. $75
Mike Gibson: bragged on Sesloc and Toyota for helping their CALM event raise over $80,000. Great news!!!  $80
Jerry Schmidt: bragged on how well he rushed the stage and tackled Dave Chapelle (just kidding!)....but he was in the audience with his daughter. The next day he enjoyed Universal Studios with the family (minus the scary rides). $30
Terri Stricklin: bragging on the 70th anniversary of the original "Hitching Post" restaurant. Come on out and enjoy a great meal with excellent service,  $70
Suzanne Levy: recently went to see four musicals (and enjoyed every minute of them). $50
Mike Moats: his wife Susan had a recent birthday. $50
Andy Caldwell: apparently had birthday. $64
Matt Diel: his wife also had a birthday. $55
Pat McDermott: took the whole family to Maui and everyone had a stupendous time!! Now he has to un-retire and go back to work so that he can whittle down that credit card balance. Welcome back Pat, we missed you.laugh
Betty Miller, Martin Testa & Kevyn Walthers:  were each fined $30 each for the heck of it (the Powerpoint went too fast for me...I'm old)
Sue Andersen
Marian Hospital
Sue Andersen spoke to us about the history and current status of Marian Hospital. From it's humble beginnings in 1940 founded by the Sisters of St. Francis, to the state of the art facility that it has become today. Just as an example of their health care provisions, last year they took care of over 1,750 Covid patients. They had 87,000 ER visits that they cared for. Being at the top of their game has resulted in Marian being named one of the top 250 hospitals in the country. We are very proud and honored to have them as a major health provider in our community.

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