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Oct 08, 2020
Building a Culture of Empathy
Oct 15, 2020
Teaching children about ocean pollution, habitat and wildlife loss, and impacts of climate change
Oct 22, 2020
What it's like to run for Congress followed by Q&A
Oct 29, 2020
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Nov 05, 2020
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Nov 12, 2020
Nov 19, 2020
Thailand Co-Coordinator: Rotary Action Group Against Slavery
Nov 26, 2020
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Oct 01, 2020
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MEETING DATE:  September 10, 2020

FLAG SALUTE: Pledge of Allegiance Video (performed by children)
INVOCATION:  Jerry Schmidt

Downtown Fridays: As far as we know, virtual Downtown Friday's are still going on every week (right Ed?....)
VTC and the United Way Rodeo Queen Candidates: are still doing fundraising activities. If you haven't yet contributed, now is the time to do so.
YMCA Virtual Golf Ball Drop: This will be happening on October 1, 2020.  Mike Gibson will gladly take your ball order and bill you through Rotary ($25 each).
Christmas Parade Cancellation: Due to Covid-19, unfortunately the Rotary Clubs of Santa Maria & Nipomo have had to cancel the event for this year. We are all hopeful that next year will be back to normal.
Lee Carroll: recently returned from a vacation to Yellowstone Park where among other things, he saw Old Faithful and stayed in a 100 year old cabin. They had a great time! $25
Jerry Schmidt: bragged on his son-in-law David, who is a member of the Arroyo Grande Hot Shots. The fire fighting team helped with the El Dorado fire situation. $25
Ryan Swack: bragged $30 on his two boys (Jackson & Cooper), who set up a lemonade stand in their front yard and contributed all the money raised (almost $100!) to Shoes For Students. Three other Rotarians joined in the brag (Kate Ferguson $30, Jerry Schmidt $25 and Shannon Seifert $25)
Shannon Seifert: also bragged on the many firefighters who are braving the many fires that are currently raging in California. She is especially thankful that her family cabin is still standing. $30
Jerry Walsh: turned 77 today! He was very excited. As an educator, thought he might appreciate some financial fun facts about his birth year. Happy Birthday Jerry!!  $77
Ken Bradley: was caught in a photograph camping out in Paso Robles over the Labor Day weekend where it was extremely hot.....but it was still nice to get away. $30
Ryan Swack: and his family were also up in the Paso area where it topped out at 117 degrees and their power went out for a considerable amount of time. Sounds like loads of funsad $30  (what can I say? he fined himself)
Dave Wright: apparently had a look-a-like (doppelganger) photo taken (my apology, I was unable to download it, but trust was good)wink $30
Dan Blough: was so outraged about the color of his neighbor's house, that he fined himself an extra $30??????
This week's meeting was devoted to the second part of our annual Club Assembly. Part one happened a few weeks ago. This morning, President Ryan brought the membership up to date on general club information as well as allowing club officers to report on their job duties. Some highlights are that we are currently looking for a President to serve in the fiscal 2023-2024 year (female member preferred). We currently have 62 active members and 14 honorary. The membership then discussed possible fundraising events that could possibly adapt to the Covid-19 situation. These discussions will continue to develop as we move forward with our current fiscal year.
So True (unfortunately)laugh

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