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Feb 03, 2018
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Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  January 4, 2018
Call to Order:  Past President, Frank Ortiz
Flag Salute:    Glen Morris 
Invocation:     Ed Carcarey
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Nai-Yun Chang, Foreign Exchange Student
Amanda Ricker from the Santa Maria Police K-9 Unit and Sean Hawkins, Executive Director of the Humane Society
President Kristine Mollenkopf is now in Lincoln California.   We will have various former presidents run the meetings for the remainder of this year.
January – Frank Ortiz
February  - Mike Gibson
March – Mark Jackson
April/May – Tim & Shannon Seifert
June – Lee Carroll
Our Board meetings will be on third Thursday after the meeting; the next Board meeting will be on January 18.
Our current Red Badge members are Glen Morris, David Leroy, and Ed Carcarey,  We were reminded to  talk to them and get to know them. 
Ed Carcarey was presented with his Blue Badge
December was a busy month, and the club reflected on some of our successes: 
  • Everyone worked on the Parade of Lights, it was a huge success.  Credit goes to Ed Carcarey for creating the Festival of Lights at the end of the parade
  • Carol Bradfield reported on the Humane Society Luncheon.  The club filled  two tables of 10, and the event raised $162,000.
  • Betty Miller reported on the PCPA event.  A group from the club attended Freaky Friday
  • Mike Gibson reported on the Probation Department Toy drive which raised $2,000.  We were also able to take advantage of coupons to expand these earnings.
  • Dale Johnson reported on the Salvation Army Bell ringing.  He thanked those who did bell ringing and the club for donating $1,000.
  • Foreign exchange student Nai-Yun Chang, thanked the club for listening to her performance at the Family Breakfast
  • Mike Buhring reported on the training he is receiving as he is preparing to be president next year.
  • Mark your calendars: for the Special Olympics Dinner to be held at February 3rd at the    Veteran’s Memorial Hall.
  • Mike Buhring, bragged $30 on his son’s engagement
  • Mike Gibson bragged $13 on receiving the grant we submitted for the scholarship fund, netting us $13,000.  
  • Kate Ferguson bragged $13 on acting president, Frank, for noticing she wasn’t wearing her name tag.
  • Abel Maldonado bragged $100 on his daughter, who got married on December 16.  It was a beautiful wedding at the Mission Inn; she is now living in Beverly Hills.
  • Andy Caldwell bragged $50. He was also caught without his name badge. He has worked writing editorials for the News Press, for over 5 years completing 900 columns.  Entertainer, Wayne Brady, will be at their anniversary dinner the last Saturday in April, it will sell out quick.
  • Dan Blough bragged $50 on spending five days on a paddleboat cruise on the Mississippi River.
  • Laurie Tamura bragged $39 on celebrating her 39th wedding anniversary with her husband over the holidays.
  • Mike Moats bragged $100 on celebrating a wonderful Christmas in Arizona.  He got a new car, a Toyota Highlander.  He will also be celebrating his 28th wedding anniversary with his wife tomorrow.
  • Dale Johnson bragged $100 - he will be a grandpa again, and his son is also coming back to California.
  • Pat McDermott bragged $50 on Ed Carcarey.  He also shared a secret about our recent president – the rumor is that the Sea Hawks season is the reason she left the club…..
  • Jack Gresser bragged $50.  He was also seen without a nametag.  He spent New Years in Palm Springs, prior to that, he went to mammoth for a day.  Next week he will be in Salt Lake, then on to Hawaii for a Golf outing for a week. 
Teresa Reyburn and Debbie Blow were given free brags for their work with club communications. 
  • Teresa bragged that her daughter became engaged this past weekend
  • Debbie bragged on celebrating a great Christmas at home with her husband.   They also visited friends in Upland and Las Vegas.
There were no fines Today! 
Amanda Ricker and her partner Komi from the K-9 unit for the Santa Maria Police Department provided our program today. We have two dogs in Santa Maria
Komi is a German Shepherd who will be 5 in February, they have been together for 3 years.  He is a narcotics and apprehension dog.  As an apprehension dog he bites or finds people that are hiding from them.  These dogs are raised and bred to be a Police K-9, they are fostered prior to becoming a Police K-9.  The breeder selects them for training, they look for dogs that are obedient, and eager to please.  During the middle of the process they are assigned to a handler.  The dogs receive continual training throughout their career.  All of his time and training is obedience training and they usually train every week; every other week is a minimum. 
At the end of his career, the officer can buy him from the police department.
Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.