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February 13, 2020

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Jason Stillwell
INVOCATION:  Prayer from Sr. Cheryl from the Sisters of St. Francis
VISITING ROTARIANS: Stan Astorsky from Trip-Cities and Ruth Shepherd from Lompoc

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Arlene Peterson, Ann Walsh, Cyndy McDermott, Marla Gibson, and Debra Jackson
Rotary Literacy Program
Each week our club gives a book to a local school library under the name of the presenter of our program.   We have given over 800 books to schools from the Santa Maria Bonita and Orcutt School Districts, as well as 4 private schools in the valley.  This year we have donated more than $550 in books.
Noah Slocum Fundraiser: 
You can still contribute to support the Slocum family through a donation.
OCAF Gala: February 22, 2020 at the Radisson beginning at 5:30 PM.  The Rotary table is full, but you can still purchase tickets.  They are $125 per person. Debbie Blow has all of the purchasing details.
Orcutt Academy Spartatroniks: A BBQ and Silent Auction will be held on Sunday February 23, at 4:00 pm at the Elks Lodge to support the Orcutt Spartatroniks.  Kevin Walthers has all the information if you're interested in attending.
Tip-A-Cop Benefit Dinner: Mark Schneider announced that there will be a Tip-A-Cop dinner (benefiting Special Olympics) on February 22 @ 5:30 PM at the SM Country Club.
Elizabeth Smart Appearance: March 28, 2020 @ The Granada Theatre. Ticket prices range from $56 to $181 ($31 for students.)
Mark you calendar for the annual Boys and Girls Club Gala and Auction
April 17th -  More information to come.  
Barn Party - coming soon!
Our annual Barn Party Luau is coming on May 9.  An email will be coming out with more information.  We appreciate everyone planning to help with the same job they did last year.  
Kevin Walthers: bragged $50 on the Spartatroniks team.
Roberto Rodriguez: bragged $20 on his trip to Oklahoma to see his nephew graduate from Army boot camp.  He will be working for army intelligence.
Jerry Walsh: bragged $25 on the week he spent in Puerto Vallarta.  
Jim Peterson: bragged $28 on celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary on February 25th.
Mike Gibson: bragged $14 on traveling to Las Vegas and seeing both the Doobie Brothers and Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil.
Tanya Astrosky: bragged $20 on Hancock's music program.  They have a teacher who is coming out to VTC and teaching a class that is very popular.  Her husband, Scott bragged $10, on her tab, for his BFF.  
Shannon Seifert: bragged $14 on Arlene Peterson's tolerance.  Jim will be in Hawaii playing golf on their anniversary ..."That's just not right".
Pat McDermott: bragged $14 on going to Las Vegas, where he said he was in bed with his wife all day?  Then he proclaimed that "it was not what you think" they both got the flu.
Terri Strickland: bragged $50 on James Thomas for picking such a wonderful bride.  Terri goes to Physical Therapy, and James' wife, Annie is awesome in how she runs and organizes everything.  
Ed Carcarey: bragged $50 on Shannon Seifert.  His mom was in town from Philly, and Shannon got her out of the house volunteering.  He also bragged on his son who has been selected to be on an all star water polo team.  He will be going to Coatia to train.  
Lee Carroll: bragged $25, appreciating the Rotary connections and friendships.  He thanks those who have helped him in many ways.  
There were no fines.


With Valentine's day on the horizon, we were treated to a unique version of the Newly Wed Game.  The twist however, was that the participants were not so newly married.  Rotary couples, Tanya and Stan Astrosky, Mike and Deb Jackson, Jerry and Ann Walsh, Mike and Marla Gibson, and Pat and Cyndy McDermott answered a variety of questions.  The answers have not been recorded to protect the innocent, but some of the questions included the following:

For the husbands - 

  • What's your wife's favorite magazine?
  • Who is your wife's celebrity crush?
  • Does your wife think you are a good dancer? - (everyone got this one right!)
  • If your wife was a child, what would you take away from her to punish her?
  • What is your wife's favorite guilty pleasure?
For the wives - 
  • What is your husband's favorite movie?  - no couple got this one right
  • What is your husband's favorite thing about himself?
  • For what thing is your husband most likely to end up in jail?
  • If your husband could create a theme party, what would it be?  (one couple got this one correct)
  • By mistake or otherwise, has your husband ever worn your underwear?  (Every couple got this question correct?)
The bonus question was - where is the strangest place you ever made whoopie?   This question selected the winning couple.  
At the end of the questions, our facilitator reminded everyone that it is not about winning, it's about answering the questions.  But, there was a winning couple; and that was Mike and Marla Gibson.

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