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MEETING DATE:  November 7, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers aka The "Henny Youngman" of our club
FLAG SALUTE: Lee Carroll
INVOCATION:  Glenn Morris

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Band of Brothers: Steve Baird, Chris Margraine, Elijah ?, Anthony Circone and Robert Raymond (apologies for missed names and misspellings).
CASA of Hope BBQ: Saturday, November 9th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Lions Club of Orcutt, tickets are $12.00 each. See Kate Ferguson for more information.
PCPA "The Little Mermaid": Friday December 6, 2019. 7:00 PM. Betty Miller has all the info. See her for price and details.
 2019 Christmas Parade of Lights: Mark your calendars for Saturday December 7 starting at 5:20 PM. All members will be needed to make this 25th anniversary parade a very special event. Mike Gibson has all the details.
Wanted: Ham & Turkeys for the Food Pantry this holiday season. Lee Carroll has a clipboard if you're interested in donating some money to this very worthy project.
Region 12 Dinner: Tuesday December 3 / 6:00 PM at the Trattoria Uliveto restaurant in Old Orcutt. The cost is $25 per person and I believe Mike Gibson has the sign up sheet..
Toy Drive: Speaking of Mike Gibson.....he is also organizing a Toy Drive that benefits the Probation Department and the female detainees and their children. A sign up sheet is also available for this project
FBLA Luncheon: Glenn Morris needs more participants to be involved. If you have the time and are willing to share your expertise with the many young men and women that are eager to speak with you, then please contact Glenn to get you signed up for this great event.
Celebrate Philanthropy: Even though this event has already happened (11/7), we would like to applaud and acknowledge our very own Frank & Scottie Ortiz for receiving a much deserved award for the many charitable events that they have (and continue to be) involved with. Way to go you two! We are very proud of youheart
Rotary Christmas Party: Saturday December 21, 2019 (Time: TBA) at Testas Bistro. The cost is $80 per person (I'm sure a sign up sheet will be circulated very soon). Hope to see everyone there!
Frank Ortiz (Weekly Rotarian of the Decade): bragged on the Rotary incoming President retreat that occurred at the SM Radisson hotel. In particular, all the members that participated in decorating for the event. Everything looked great and a good time was had by all.
Terri Stricklin: recently returned from a trip to Texas where she attended her nephew's wedding and evidently played a lot of poker (which she is very good at). She was also amazed at the price of gas as compared to good old California ($1.94).   $50
Jim Ventriglia: went to Tucson last weekend for Homecoming festivities. He was having a good time until Mark Clarke's Oregon Beavers took his team to the woodshed and won 56-31 (that's just not right). Anyway, he still mustered up a $50 brag
Mark Clarke: of course Mark was glad to jump up and brag about how awesome his Alma Mater is doing right now (4 wins and counting).  $25
Wendy Foxen: returned from a two week vacation at a "south of the border" 5 star resort (Playa Del Something?). They had a great time and husband Jim turned 59 while over there. So a $59 brag seemed to be an appropriate amount. Welcome back Wendy!
Gary Nemetz: This is hard to believe, but Gary and his wife celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary (crazy!!). His son also turned 40. Having said all that, he found it necessary to brag $49 on his favorite NFL team that is still undefeated (hear that Pat??)
Kevin Walthers: bragged $100 on Frank & Scottie for their philanthropic award and $10 on he and Shannon's 10th anniversary (wow,
don't let Shannon see this Kevinsurprise)
Tanya Astrosky: was very impressed with the decorating crew at the Radisson. She was happy to be a part of it.  $25
Ryan Swack: Thanked everyone that helped make the PE event a huge success. He also thanked Jim Peterson for everything that he did for his wife??? Strictly professional I'm guessing.  $30
Jason Francia: for dropping the ball on updating our Club Runner web page.  $30
Leonard Champion: for apparently not being able to read instructions on a simple e-mail from Shannon Walthers  $30
Mike Gibson: for not having his daughter available for an event??  $30
Ken Bradley, Andy Caldwell, Mike Cardona, Lee Carroll, Wendy Foxen, Angelica Gumabon and Abel Maldonado for.......your guess is as good as minewink   $30 per person 

Band of Brothers

Our program this morning was presented by the Band of Brothers. This organization consists of 140 emotionally scarred veterans that support each other through "thick and thin" as they try to adjust to civilian life after a career in the military. Steve Baird introduced five fellow members who gave our Rotary Club a brief view into their life and the emotional experiences they have lived through. The "Brothers" socialize and create a long lasting family bond with each other as they play organized sports together which helps them get to know each other's deep down personal needs. They also volunteer their time as a group to help out with other community projects as well. They truly are brothers in every sense of the word. They are there for each other 24/7 and there love towards one another knows no bounds. Breakfast Rotary is extremely proud to help support such a worthy organization.

Craft Talk - Angelica Gumabon
New member Angelica Gumabon treated the membership to a brief glimpse into her personal and professional life. As a wife and mother of two children, she still found time to carve out a very successful career in accounting and financial planning. She currently works at Vivid Financial management in Old Orcutt. Her children are the light of her life and they go out of their way to help her as she volunteers her time helping with many worthwhile events. Our club is very fortunate to have Angelica as a new addition to our Rotary family and we hope that she remains a member for many years to come.

Please visit us at: