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MEETING DATE:  March 5, 2020

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers
FLAG SALUTE: Mark Clarke

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Guest Speaker: Coach Cary Nerelli and Kelsey Prado (AHC athlete)
Shred Fest: Fundraiser for Rotary South, March 7 / 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Hats For Hope: March 28 / Trilogy Monarch Clubhouse / 6:00 PM - $100 each
Firestone Walker Beer Maker Dinner: March 29 / The Kinney Hotel (SLO) / 6:00 PM - $65 each
Elizabeth Smart Presentation: March 28 / Santa Barbara
AHC "Final Fore" Golf Tournament: April 6 / SMCC (Scramble Format)
VTC Rodeo Queen Fundraising Events: Various dates occur between now and June
Rotary Luau & Barn Party: March 9 / Santa Maria Fairpark
Ladies Get Loud for CALM: April 30 / SMCC *See Mike Gibson for more details
Weekly Rotarian(s) of the Decade: Dale Johnson (absent) and Randy Wise who proudly bragged on his three grandchildren (Nolan, Hailey and Miles)
Jerry Walsh: bragged $25 on fellow member Andy Caldwell for doing such a great job in Super Tuesday's primary. Now the focus turns to the November election. Way to go Andy, we are all behind you!
Jim Peterson: had a great week vacation in Hawaii where I'm sure a lot of golf was played. $40
Andy Caldwell: Thanked all members (especially Jerry Walsh). He also thanked Ryan Swack for letting him use the Santa Maria Inn Kent Room on election results night. He is very encouraged and looks forward to the next phase of campaigning. Let's all pray for a debate which would be a "slam dunk win" for Andy. $50
Gary Nemetz: bragged $50 on fellow member Frank Culley (who by the way, will be the next co-editor of the Bull-A-Ton) for doing such a great electrical job on Gary's new home. $50
Shannon Seifert: bragged on Ryan Swack for his bar employee's generous pours at the Caldwell event and Kevin Walther's interview talent on his recent podcast with her. $25 each = $50
 One of the drawbacks of having an educator as club president is that he is constantly coming up with historical trivia to show how ignorant we all are. This week Texas (his home state) was the subject matter and the following members were his target. The result was a $30 fine for all incorrect answers (which was pretty much everyone). Ryan Swack, Dave Wright, Jim Peterson, Glenn Morris, Tanya Astrosky and finally Tony Spinelli (who wasn't even there??). Anyway, it's all for a good cause......our club's bank accountwink
 Coach Cary Nerelli
The program provided this week was Coach Cary Nerelli who is the current women's basketball coach at Allan Hancock College. Coach Nerelli came to AHC seven years ago from Morro Bay High School where he coached for over 30 years. During his time at Hancock he has had the privilege of working with highly motivated young ladies who have athletics as well as a quality education as their top priorities. Coach Nerelli works approximately nine months a year working on the basketball program. Not only does that mean numerous practices and games, but it also entails actively recruiting new players to the program so that they can continue to maintain a high caliber team. In fact, this past year the team made it all the way to the semi final playoffs having only six active players at the end of the season. With Coach Nerelli teaching the important value of team work using positive motivation, we're sure that the program will have nothing but continued success as it moves forward into the next decade. 
The two guys pictured below either have.......
1. no social skills?
2. severe body odor?
3. the Coronavirus?
4. the urge to sit by themselves where "camaraderie and friendship" are advocated?
*NOTE: I'm picking #4

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