October 27, 2022
Call to Order:  President Roberto Rodriguez
Flag Salute:  Mason Frakes
Invocation:   Glenn Morris
Visiting Rotarians: Ryan Davis
Guests of Rotarians:  Arlene Peterson, Sean Kelly, Matt Richardson, Alonzo Figeroa
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The Rotary Club of Santa Maria will celebrate their CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY on the evening of Saturday, November 12 at the Santa Maria Inn.  It was this Club that sponsored SMBR in 1984, which will sponsor a table for those desiring to attend.  Contact Berto Rodriguez
Christmas Parade of Lights, scheduled for Saturday, December 3.  Mike Gibson is collecting business cards for display on the SMBR float.  For a mere $50 you can advertise your business to the thousands of spectators that line the parade route. 
Also, the Christmas Parade requires a lot of time and effort to produce.  Sign-up sheets will be available at registration table each week.  Don't be bashful, pick what you want to avoid being drafted into something less desirable.
The Rotary Club of Santa Maria-South is conducting Chicken Dinner fundraiser.  See Shannon Seifert for details.
The Tree Planting Project, planned for November 12 is in need of 20 volunteers to "stake and mulch" the trees being planted by the Noontime Club.  The more help we have the less time will be needed.  Contact Kathy Simas
beautiful peacock admiring itself in mirror vector
Jason Stilwell conscripted Jason Francia to announce that he was "willingly" being held captive by his wife in a secluded cabin in Hosanna, which is code for Huasna.  $30
Roberto Rodriguez bragged about his son's Senior Night and his high school football experience as a cornerback and the leading tackler!  $50
Shannon Seifert effusively bragged about the support by SMBR and membes of the Y for the recently completed Y's Annual Round Table event. $100
Kathy Simas is very proud of Kelli Briggs for volunteering to head up the PR position for our Club.  She also thanked Holly Edds and Glenn Morris and the many members of the Vocational & Community Service committees for their time and effort.  $50
Jim Peterson shared that his grand daughter was recently married and praised wedding planner and wife Arlene & Martin Testa Catering for a wonderful happening.  $100
David LeRoy thanked all of the ladies that worked so diligently on the successful Pumpkin Patch fundraising project.  $50
Ken Bradley shared that his daughter Ava plays on the RHS volleyball team qualified for the quarter finals.  Doesn't this sound like a brag?!
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself
in the service to others. 
--Mahatma Ghandi
Kevin Walthers was dunned for being absent and unavailable to introduce his guest.  $30
Mike Gibson made a particularly gnarly wisecrack.  $30
Jim Peterson gave his honest opinion about President Berto's choice of table clothe material for a shirt.  $30
Shannon Seifert apparently was having a gay ol' time that was captured with many adult beverages in hand in numerous photos.  She got fined, but is still wondering "what is the issue?" $30
Jason Stilwell was swatted for the state-mandated, 5-story, lego-land, senior housing project at the South Miller Street Y. Apparently, another similar project is in the works. $30
Marc Schneider and the Police Department suffered a humiliating defeat in a softball game at the hands of the Fire Department.  $30
Ken Bradley shared that the RHS girls volleyball team, that his daughter Ava is a part, qualified for the league quarter finals.  Doesn't this sound like a brag!
Image of Teaching from www.freepik.com
Holly Edds gave the club an personal overview of her childhood and how she came to be a school district superintendent. Her story is one that belongs in a book!
Kathy Simas, Holly Edds and Kelli Briggs provided an overview of the many responsibilities of the service area in which they serve. 
Alanzo Figeroa & John Evert
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