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OFF SITE at Naughty Oak Brewing Company in Orcutt
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MEETING DATE:  September 28, 2017
Call to Order:  President Kristine Mollenkopf
Flag Salute:    Kristine Mollenkopf
Invocation:     Debbie Blow
Club Photographer: Dan Blough
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Clagg Moffet, Medford Oregon
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Fiona McKiernan and David LeRoy
1) Boys & Girls Club Kid's Night Out / 9-28-17 @ Guadalupe Boys & Girls Club
2)  Shelter Feed - 9/28/17
3) YMCA Golf Tournament / 9-29-17
4) Rebuild the Rancho Alegre and Outdoor School, Saturday, September 31, 5:30 to 10:00 pm
5) Operation Surf / 10-10-17
6) AHC Foundation Gala / 10-21-17
7) Casa at the Ranch / 10-22-17
7) Christmas Parade / 12-2-17
Mark Bachman (Rotarian of the Month): This week Mark was not in attendance, so missed out on bragging rights.
Gary Nemetz bragged $64 on walking 64 miles in Spain.
Wayne Miller bragged $50.  He just got back from hunting in New Mexico with his father.  It was a great trip; they both got antelope.
Jerry Schmidt bragged $100 on his recent trip with his wife to Illinois to visit their son.  His son scored his first and second collegiate goals. 
Carol Bradfield bragged $100 on her son and his wife having their baby; Emily Grace Bradfield
Anju Agarwal bragged $21 on her daughter starting school.  She visited her in Florida during the hurricane; Savannah is a beautiful place. 
James Thomas bragged $38 on his wife who celebrated her birthday on Monday.
Mike Gibson bragged $25 on the club for their support of the Celebrity Waiters night for B&G Club.
There were no fines this week
Fiona McKiernan with Zero to Hero Nutrition
Our program this week was provide by Fiona McKiernan, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, owner of Zero to Hero Nutrition.
Fiona started her own business here in Santa Maria.  She is a public policy representative for nutrition and an advocate for better nutrition in the tri-county area.  When she was 22 she was bed ridden and wheel chair bound for two years.  She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She also developed a painful bladder condition.  In 2010 she had a device planted into her spine.  Due to her perseverance, Medtronic selected her as a Global Hero in 2016.  She believes that even though you might have health challenges - the diagnosis doesn't end the race.  Nutrition and food helped her recover.   She discovered that food is your medicine, the other important thing is exercise.  She became a marathon runner but started by walking 30 seconds.
Zero to Hero is located on 1505 Shepherd Drive
Healing foods
Rest and Relaxation
Fiona takes a multi-disciplinary approach for a chronic illness through Integrative and Functional Nutrition.
Off-Site Meetings
September 19th at the Radisson Hotel
September 26th at Naughty Oak
Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.