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MEETING DATE: November 11, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas
FLAG SALUTE: Dave Wright
INVOCATION: Patrice Mosby

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Steve Baird, Matt Diel
Santa Maria Museum of Flight:
Lee Carroll: Passing a clipboard for a signup for the annual turkey drive.
A Secret Garden: Betty Miller is organizing a Rotary visit to PCPA to see A Secret Garden. The allotted seating is full, but if you still want to attend, see Betty. No guarantees, but she might be able to squeeze you in.
Mark Your Calendar! Our Family Christmas Party will be held on Thursday December 23 at 7:00 AM at the SM Country Club. Note: Each member will be responsible to buy and wrap a gift for the children they invite. I'm sure that a clipboard will be circulating in the coming weeks.
Costa De Oro Winery Animal Fundraiser. Enjoy world class wines, vinyl records and tacos to help raise funds for local animals. 1:00 to 4:00 PM Saturday November 20. Proceeds go to "Animals in Need".
Today's Rotary Minute: Today's Rotary Minute was presented by Lee Carroll. Lee spoke about a few moments in his Rotary life that really made an impact on him. He especially enjoyed the friendliness of the club as everyone welcomed him when he joined, in particular Betty Miller and Carol Bradfield. Jim Bray was his enthusiastic sponsor and Wayne Miller helped him navigate his way through the executive levels of our organization. He also enjoyed lending a helping hand and ultimately taking charge of the Good Samaritan Monthly feeding
Blue Badge Presentation: President James Thomas gives Chris Logan his well earned official blue badge.
New Member Installation: New member Matt Diel was officially inducted into our club this morning. He now has his red badge and will work now on obtaining his blue one.
BRAGS: (Note) All brags go to Casa de Flores Veterans Home
Craig Bernard: Bragged on his wife for persevering two major brain hemorrhages and working hard at her therapy and the club for being supportive. Welcome back Craig, we missed you! $100
Laurie Tamura: bragged on the same Solutions facility that her husband went to after his car accident. Kelly Bernard is also going there. $50
Peter Kang: had a great fundraising BBQ at his church. They served over 200 people honoring first responders in the area. $50
Roberto Rodriguez: bragged on his 15th and 22nd wedding anniversary. Ask him about it when you see him next. $37
Terry Dworaczyk: bragged on his 34th wedding anniversary. $100
Kate Ferguson: bragged $100 on Ben Honeycut serving 750 sandwiches for a Vets Lunch at his Orcutt hardware store.
Ken Bradley: bought a new car from Toyota of Santa Maria for their 18 year old son. $100
Mark Jackson: bragged on an upcoming trip to Colorado and Oregon for family gatherings (and football). $66
Tanya Astrosky: her son is now officiating school sports and is being asked to do more and more. She is very proud of him $25
Shannon Seifert: bragged on all the club's veterans and Lee Carroll for surviving his Prsidencylaugh $100
Frank Ortiz: recently returned from a great three week National Parks road trip. $100
Lee Carroll: has recently started to referee high school basketball games again. He's having a great time! $25
Terri Stricklin: bragged $100 on all Veterans. "Thank you for your service" $100
Pat McDermott: had a nice retirement party but got the flu afterwards. He is now on the mend and is thankful. He also is proud to honor all the veterans. $100
James Thomas: To all vets and spouses $25
Kathy Simas: To all vets and spouses. $100
Patrice Mosby: To all vets and spouses $100
Mike Moats: To all vets and spouses $100
Mark Bachman: To all vets and spouses $100
Leonard Champion: bragged on the bottle of wine he received from Kate Ferguson. $50
Wayne Miller: bragged on a recent successful hunting trip (as compared to last yearsad) $100
Tim Seifert: Thanks to all vets and first responders $100
Roberto Rodriguez: for being late to today's meeting and having a presentation. $30
Jim Small: for not responding to club e-mail. $30
Today's program was presented by Mr. Steve Baird. He spoke about the Veteran's housing project that he oversees along with his other veteran team members. The house serves as temporary lodging for those veterans in need and serves a maximum of 14 people. The project, which goes by the name Casa de Flores is located in Santa Maria and has proven to be a great success story. After the presentation, our club was happy to contribute a total of $6,000 (see picture) to help them with their ongoing operating expenses.
 Our Rotary Club Veterans
Thank you for your service!

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