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MEETING DATE: February 21, 2019
Club President:  Michael Buhring
FLAG SALUTE: Lee Carroll
INVOCATION: Glenn Morris
VISITING ROTARIANS: Steve Lombardo, San Luis Club

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Julie Stillwell and Jay Connor
Rotating Dinners:  Kate Ferguson announced that the Rotating Dinner schedule is done.  It is the host's job to contact their guests and make arrangements for the rotating Dinner.  Kate also took the opportunity to announce that Barn Party Tickets are coming soon... bring on the Ticket Witch and Flying Monkeys!!
Rotary Float:  Tim Seifert announced that the Rotary float is no more.  The trailer is going away.  We will need to make arrangements for a new trailer next year.
OCAF Gala: Fundraiser and Dinner, featuring Pryor Baird
Saturday, February 23, 5:30 pm @ Santa Maria Country Club
4-Way Test Essay Contest - Entries are due, March 1st.
Mark you calendars for the District 5240 Social; 
June 20, 2019
Leading With Love Women's Conference:
Saturday March 9, 2019. 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Radisson Hotel. Tickets: $100 each.
Membership Workshop - Rotary District 5240: Hosted by The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach - Five Cities
Saturday, March 9, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Short Leash Hot Dog Social - hosted by The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach/Five Cities: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Starting at 6:00 pm @ St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, 301 Trinity, Arroyo Grande.
Barn Party/Luau:  May 11th
We are moving forward in the planning of our annual Barn Party Luau.  Watch your email for an easy to complete sponsor form.  
Jason Stillwell (Rotarian of the Month): Jason "free-bragged" on the club and the great work that we accomplish.

Dan Blough, bragged on celebrating his 45th wedding anniversary with wife Peggy.  He says he really stepped things up for the celebration this year - $45.

Shannon Seifert provided both a trick and a brag.  The brag was on Julie Walker for the yummy soup recipe she posted on FaceBook.  The trick was that she asked for a sample of the soup after the recipe was posted...this way Shannon got some free yummy soup - $25.

Kate Ferguson, bragged on her grandkids who recently participated in a swim meet in Fresno.  Her grandson placed 4 times in the Jr. Olympics, and his team also placed in the relay - $30.

Roberto Rodriguez, bragged on the family vacation to Mexico, that he recently took with his kids.  The trip was a wonderful experience. He also mentioned that he took his kids out of school...guess the author of this publication will look the other way, since it is not her school district - $25.

Tony Spinelli, and his wife went to Cabo San Lucas for 7 days.  They had a great time, seeing dolphins and whales, as well as playing on a beautiful golf course that rivals Pebble Beach - $50.



Roberto Rodriguez was fined $30 because he didn't brag on the fact that the Boys and Girls Club of SM Valley was selected to move on to the voting round of your the Your Favorite Charity Contest.  

The following Rotarians were fined $30 for their answers to a Rotary Magazine Trivia Contest:

(Even though a couple of them got the answer correct, they were still fined.)

Betty Miller, Jim Peterson, Mark Bachman, Pat McDermott, Glenn Morris, Laurie Tamura, Martin Testa, Gary Nemetz, Dan Blough, Jason Stillwell, Kevin Walthers, and Dale Johnson.  

Jay Connor 
Our program was provided by Jay Connor, who presented on the Honor Flight of Central Coast.  Jay has been involved in many local community service events over the years.  He has a strong passion for honoring our war veterans.  Jay feels that  they have earned our undying gratitude and that America should never forget the sacrifices they have made.  Our debt to the heroic men and women who have served our country in this way can never be repaid.  
It is this passion that caused him to get involved in the Honor Flight Network.  This network was founded to honor veterans of foreign wars.  Their mission is:  To transport all the honorably discharged veterans to Washington DC to visit THEIR memorials, dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices to our country, at no cost to them.  
Earl Morse, a physicians assistant at a VA clinic in Springfield, Ohio, started the concept.  He would hear the veterans state that they wanted to see their memorial, but it would never happen.  He offered to take them, asked for volunteers, and on May 1, 2005,6 planes took 12 Veterans to see THEIR Memorials; this was the first Honor Flight.
Today there are over 131 Regional Hubs nation-wide.  There are 7 hubs in California.   Our local Veterans fly out of San Luis Obispo to Phoenix, then on to Baltimore where they spend the night.  The next day they go to Washington DC where they have a police escort to the memorial.  They are given a heroes welcome when they return home.
Please visit us at: