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MEETING DATE:  December 17, 2020

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance
INVOCATION: Glenn Morris

Frank Ortiz: Conducted a virtual induction for Dr. Holly Edds. Welcome Holly to an amazing Rotary Club.
Santa Maria Elks "Christmas in the Country": A "drive thru" holiday extravaganza has been prepared for all to see at the Unocal Event Center. The fun will continue every evening (Wednesday-Sunday) until the end of December. Car load tickets are available online from Elks Rec. Mike Gibson still has a few dates open for our major sponsor event pass. If you're interested, contact him ASAP.
Kevin Walthers: Shannon Elliott has passed out $8,000 plus another $7,500 to families in need. It’s very nice knowing that your gift really does go to some needy families.
Kevin Walthers: Kevin is looking for volunteers to help distribute food, working with the AHC Food Share. The dates are January 6th for packing and / or January 7th for delivery.
Lee Carroll: Orcutt Food Pantry will receive another $1,900 worth of Turkies, hams and whole chickens. 
Kevin Walthers: Bragged $1 on this club and $99 on his wife.
Shannon Seifert: Bragged on Christmas in The Country including Peter Kang: $30 Shannon also bragged on the "Fiasco Financial" skit. $50
Frank Culley: Bragged on Testa Catering for amazing foods and service. $50
Tanya Astrosky: Bragged on her sister in law moving to town, her 28th wedding anniversary & her son's 25th birthday. $75
Mark Jackson: Bragged on Frank Culley for sending an employee to work on the Fairgrounds Christmas Drive Through and also bragged on the Elks Christmas in The Country. $50
Jason Stillwell: Bragged on Leonard Champion for his 30 years with the Santa Maria Fire Department. $30
Laurie Tamura: Bragged on her son Matthew who proposed to his girl friend and received a yes and Laurie is also wishing for a Happy next year. $100
Jerry Schmidt: Bragged on this Rotary Club and what a blessing it is to be a part of this club. $100
Kate Ferguson: Bragged on this Rotary Club and on Christmas. $50
Tim Seifert: Bragged on Dr. Moates for serving the community on the City Council. $50
There were no fines today.
Our very own Peter Kang delivered a very well researched and understandable story of Christmas.
Well done and thank you for this at this time of year.

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