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MEETING DATE:  October 5, 2017
Call to Order:  President Kristine Mollenkopf
Flag Salute:    Kristine Mollenkopf
Inspiration:   Lee Carroll
Club Photographer: Dan Blough
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Sonia & Marianna from the Interact Club, Steve Lombardi from the SLO club
and Dominic Roudeaw from Rotaract, who will be joining us as a dual member
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Van Paraza. Martin, Bobby, and Leslie from operation surf
1) Congratulations to our own Jason Stillwell, who was appointed as Santa Maria's next City Manager
2) Garden House Alzheimer's and Dementia facility will be holding a BBQ on October 15 from 3:00 to 5:00.  The event includes a Car Show, Open House and cocktails.  
3) Santa Barbara Foundation’s Celebrate Philanthropy 2017, to be held on Thursday, November 2, 2017 from 11:30 – 1:30 p.m. at the Santa Maria Country Club.  They will be honoring our own Jim Bray!
4) Rebuild the Rancho Alegre and Outdoor School, Saturday, September 31, 5:30 to 10:00 pm
5) Operation Surf / 10-10-17
6) AHC Foundation Gala / 10-21-17
7) CASA at the Ranch / 10-22-17
7) Christmas Parade / 12-2-17
Please bring your business cards for inclusion in the program.
8)  Our Rotary Holiday party will be a Thanksgiving party this year; we are tentatively looking at November 11th.
9)  Lee Carroll announced that the Veteran’s Stand Down is in need clothes hangers, other items such as small shampoos, etc.   
10)  This Saturday is the spelling bee at the Elks Lodge
- we have two teams
11)  Frank Ortiz
presented our club with a Rotary Club of Paris, banner. 
Congratulations to our new Red Badge Member:  David Leroy 
Rotarian of the Month - Gary Nemetz 
Gary bragged on spending two weeks in Portugal, where he went to Porto Fatima, and all the cathedrals.  It was a wonderful trip
Mark Jackson - bragged that Mark Clarke has a Brag; - last week they attended a barn party auction item and were able to fly in two  vintage planes.  Mark bragged  $20 and Mark Clarke bragged $25.
Mike Gibson bragged on Craig Bernard for providing the group with $100 to go to the Far Western after the Boys & Girls Club Kids Night Out.
Andy Caldwell bragged on the Rotary discount he received at SM Toyota on a new canary.
He was also on vacation in Mesquite, Nevada for a total brag of $100.
Roberto Rodriquez thanked all the club members who came to the B&G club last week for Kids Night Out. He also bragged on the Battle Fields to Ball Fields Foundation  for $25
Kevin Walters bragged $50 on two Saturday events.  First the Allan Hancock foundation BBQ.; the BBQ crew continues to mentor his son Tray, and the Bulldog event  for parents and 5th grade kids.  This event will help them to attend college.
Glen Morris bragged on Chris Hastert and Jim Bray - Mokulele airlines will now fly into Burbank.  $25.
Two of our Rotarians won the ball drop at the YMCA Golf Tournament;
Tim Seifert won the ball drop, and promptly turned it back to the organization.  He thanked everyone who helped and attended and bragged $60 
Chris Hastert was also a ball drop winner, and also bragged on Andy Caldwell and Jim Bray, who both flew on Mokulele’s Airlines inaugural flight to Burbank - $50
Mark Bachman bragged on his son Drew who turned 16 Tuesday, his oldest son Nick turns 18 tomorrow and his aunt turned 90 on Sunday.  He also bragged on Ryan Swack who took good care of them - $200
Debbie Blow bagged on her upcoming birthday - $60.
Dr. Moats, Laurie Tamura, and Kristine Mollenkopf were fined $30 for appearing in the Santa Maria Sun for the Celebrity Waiters event. 
Mike Cardona was also fined $30 due to the picture below.
Van Paraza of 
Operation Surf
Operation Surf started with a mission. 

Our program this week was provided by Van Paraza of Operation Surf.  Van created this program which provides a week long surfing experience for disabled veterans.  He believes that when you have passion you get good results, and with that passion comes a lot of love.  He also learned that through all the darkness in his life came the brightest thing that could ever happen.  “It’s not the mess, its the message.”
Operation Surf came into existence as a result of one wounded hero’s desire to learn to surf.  Now, they are helping more heroes than ever. Participants of the program experience a decrease in PTSD symptoms by 36%, a decrease in depression by 47%, and an increase in self-efficacy by 68%.
Off-Site Meetings
September 19th at the Radisson Hotel
September 26th at Naughty Oak
Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.