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MEETING DATE: December 2, 2021

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President James Thomas

A Secret Garden: The Rotary family outing is scheduled for December 3rd. Our club has 52 people attending.
Reminder! Our Family Christmas Party will be held on Thursday December 23 at 7:00 AM at the SM Country Club. Note: Each member will be responsible to buy and wrap a gift for the children they invite. All gifts must be given to Kate Ferguson no later than Thursday December 16th. Note: A Santa Claus is needed for the party to hand out gifts to the children. If anyone would like to volunteer or knows someone, please contact Kate ASAP.
Today's Rotary Minute: Today's Rotary Minute was presented by Kevin Walthers. Kevin spoke about the time that he served as Club President and the many members that he interacted with. A lot of them we're very quiet and he was glad that he was able to get closer to them and enjoy their help and fellowship. NOTE: Kevin's Rotary Minute.......was pretty close to an actual minute! Great job Kevin!!   P.S. Not the best picture, but he was deep in concentrationwink
Santa Maria Christmas Tree Lighting: Friday December 3 @ 5:00 PM / City Hall
Christmas in the Country: Mike Gibson presented Mark Jackson with a stocking "goodie bag" for all of his hard work organizing our portion of the Elks Christmas fundraiser at the rodeo grounds.
Spartans Rubbage Sale: When: 12/11, Where: Orcutt Academy High School, When: 9:00 am to Noon. Contact Kevin Walthers if you have questions.
Julianne Moreno: bragged $25 on a recent rotating dinner that she attended. A great time was had by all. $25
Ryan Swack: bragged $25 on his son's participation at the Chamber's junior CEO event at the mall. He had a lemonade stand and donated all the money made to Toys for Tots-$25. He then bragged an additional $25 on his wife's birthday.
Roberto Rodriguez: Bragged on a trip to Mexico where he caught a lot of fish and attended a wedding. He also bragged on his son's CIF championship football team and a new car from SM Toyota. $75
Tanya Astrosky: bragged $55 on her birthday and a hike to the Pinnacles  (by Monterey).
Mark Jackson: bragged on his Christmas in the Country work party (12 people in total) and also the great Celebration of Life event for Kelly Boland. $100
Shannon Seifert: bragged on PCPA and the great entertainment it was for her YMCA kids. She also bragged on the Kelly Boland event. $100
Jim Bray: was happy that his son Tyler found a new car for himself at Santa Maria Toyota. $25
Ron and Suzanne Levy: bragged on their recent trip to Europe which encompassed a multitude of destinations. They saw family and had a fantastic time. $100
Shannon Seifert: Fined for a traffic ticket (Oops!) $30
Mark Schneider: Fined for not wearing a Rotary pin in a photo op. $30
Jason Francia: did not brag on wife's birthday $30
Mark Clarke: No brag on his wife's birthday....but wait! He got up immediately and started bragging. He still was fined $30 but an extra $9 went towards a brag.
Jim Ventriglia: didn't brag on Roxanne's birthday. $30
Tim Staffel: wasn't at the meeting, but he also didn't brag on his b-day. Absence is not an excuse...$30
Table Topics was the main theme of this morning's program. The speaking exercise is used by Toastmasters at all of their meetings. The exercise helps develop impromptu speaking techniques that are of benefit to our personal and professional lives. Lee Carrol was the table topics master and he picked members at random and had them speak for one to two minutes on a variety of subjects. There was some friendly competition along the way and Shannon Seifert came in first place and Kevin Walthers came in second. Everyone had fun today!
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