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Mar 23, 2023
Youth Empowerment Summit, YES
Mar 30, 2023
Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes Center/ Susanne Levy
Apr 06, 2023
"College and Career Showcase"
Apr 13, 2023
SCORE / Rodeo Candidate
Apr 20, 2023
Apr 27, 2023
805Concerts LLC/Read essays
May 04, 2023
Graffitti Abatement
May 11, 2023
Holly Edds
May 18, 2023
Barn Party!!!
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 February 16, 2023
President Roberto Rodriguez
Pledge of Allegiance:  Jason Francia
Invocation:  Glenn Morris
Visiting Rotarians: None Today
Guests: Robert Perez, Dave & Deandra Lopez (Speaker)
The OCAF Fundraising Gala will be held on February 25 at the Radisson Hotel.
Since 2002, OCAF has worked diligently to bring visual arts, music, drama, theater, choir, and dance into the classrooms of Orcutt Union School District. OCAF has funded the numerous Visual and Performing Arts programs over the years. 
Contact Holly Edds to purchase tickets.
Check it out at:
Event Chair TANYA ASTROSKY shared the Barn Party is only 93 days away!
Club Member Obligations
for the Barn Party
Financial Obligations:
  • Sell 4 tickets.
  • Provide an auction item(s) with a minimum Fair Market Value of $400 or pay the club cash in-lieu of the auction item(s).
Time Obligations:
  • Sign up for at least 1 work shift to decorate the barn.
  • Sign up for a job duty the night of the event.
  • Sign up to take down & store decorations and clean the barn.
Sponsorships to Satisfy
Financial Obligation
If you obtain a sponsorship packet at a minimum value of $1,000 (Hula Sponsor) your financial obligations for the Barn Party will be met.  However, the Time Obligation remains.
The club member bringing the highest dollar value in sponsorships will receive a gift and special recognition at the first meeting in July.
Ted Ortega, Past-president and Honorary Member, has been a bit under the weather as of late.  Wishing you a speedy recovery, Ted!
 Rotary Service Day
Rotary Centennial Park Saturday,
April 22, 2023
Kathy Simas is requesting the assistance of 20 members to assist in a number of projects.
Kate Ferguson shared the next event
is scheduled for MAY 9 in Lompoc
HOLLY EDDS is extending an invitation to all SMBR members to, once again, participate in this very rewarding program.
Check out the details:
Contact KATHY SIMAS for more information.
Prez Berto, absent from the Jimmy V Celebration of Life due to a cold, proudly bragged about the BBQ team, the event, and all those attending.  $50
Mark Bachman shared the great loss of his Aunt Sheila.  $250;
He proudly kicked in for the Jimmy V Celebration of Life.  $250;
Both to the Compassion Fund.  He wasn't quite done, so he bragged about celebrating another birthday.  $55
Randy Wise and his beloved celebrated their 41st anniversary and Valentine's Day.  $141
John Everett presented a "chronological formula" for his birthday.  $25
Tim Staffel bragged about the outstanding efforts of the BBQ crew for the Jimmy V celebration of Life.  $100
Shannon Seifert complimented the wonderful Celebration of Life for Jimmy V; boasted about the Superbowl Party;  and, raved about the leadership teams of Holly Edds and Peter Kang.  $100
Holly Edds, not to be outdone, lauded the efforts of Shannon and the 'Y'!  $50
Time has a way of changing things!  Do you remember when only the rich people owned cars and the rest rode horses.  Well, today we all ride in cars and the only rich own horses!
History of the Rotary Wheel
          1905              1922                1923                  1929
The Rotary Wheel of 1905 resembled a simple wagon wheel, said to symbolize Civilization, Movement and Service work in action.  In 1922 Rotary International (RI) acted to adopt a single design using a gear wheel with 24 teeth and six spokes.  The teeth represent each member, the spokes representing the classification system and the Four Way Test.
The four blue bands between the spokes & gear teeth are separated by gold bars and represent the Avenues of Service.  The last change occurred in 1923 when a group of engineers suggested adding a "keyway" in the center to represent the individual Rotarian member as The Key to the success of each club.  Finally, in 1929 RI approved blue & gold as the official colors of Rotary.  
Prez Berto, being a bit under the weather, was unable to attend the Jimmy V Celebration of Life.  $30
Angie Gumabon, although absent, was fined for her undying support of the Kansas City Chiefs.  $30
Lee Carroll managed to hammer Mike Gibson for his BBQ skills.  Apparently, it hit a nerve with the Prez.  $30
Mike Gibson managed to burn the hot dogs at the Superbowl Party and then blamed the grill...but, they were still good!  $30
Kevin Walthers, absent & unable to defend himself, managed to catch a fine for the ink in the local newspaper.  Maybe we can get a tour of the new Fine Arts building.  $30
Mike Moats got fined for Wayne Miller's "ugly legs and high-top socks." Where was Wayne to defend poor ol' Mike? $30 
Pat McDermott got fined for a perfectly good, but somewhat dated picture with an early 70's hair style.  Oh, yeah, he managed to share a pretty s*$^y picture, too.  $30
Mark Jackson, also unable to attend, got fined for a "phantom" win he couldn't recall.  $30
Rande Downer stepped up to the plate for his share of the winnings in the pool for the Super Bowl.  $100
Mark Clark kinda stepped up to the plate for his share of the winnings in the Super Bowl Pool.  $60
David LeRoy and Peggy Blough, the big Super Bowl pool winner, managed to least for this week.  $0
If you grew up in LA you undoubtedly saw Dave Lopez on CBS2 or KCAL9TV.  His career started in 1977, quickly evolved from a general assignment reporter, to sports writer, and part-time anchor for news and sports. 
After 48 years he retired in 2020 with a great golden handshake, saving part of his anatomy.  In his view of retirement, he chose to leave a year to early as opposed to a year too late.  Dave, born in Las Cruces, NM in 1951, the first of eight children borne of immigrant parents from Mexico.  His parents relocated to Southgate in the LA area.  After high school he attended CSU, Los Angeles, majoring in journalism, married and raised two now-grown children. 
Attributing to his long tenure, Dave shared the following: do whatever the job is assigned…well; stay out of the way of management; and, use a personal representative to discuss contract negotiations.  Simply put, it is “know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em! 
Dave has penned It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken, a book about his personal and professional life. The title of which was borrowed from a line in a WWII song shared frequently by his father to Dave and his siblings as a motivator to "stay the course and be strong."
And the  winners are...

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