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Barn Party & Auction
Santa Maria Fairpark
May 12, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
MEETING DATE:  March 22, 2018
Call to Order:  Past/Acting President Mark Jackson
Flag Salute:    Dave Wright
Invocation:     Pat "Holy Man" McDermott
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Kathy Scroggs (Santa Barbara Sunrise)
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS:  Ron Helman and Chris Judge (Program Musicians)
*Meeting pictures courtesy of Dan Blough
1) Morro Bay Rotary Crab Feed: Rich Watson announced that his wife's club is holding their annual crab feed on Saturday April 7. The cost is $55 per person and will be held at the Morro Bay Community Center. See Rich for tickets.
2) Good Samaritan Shelter Feed: Tonight (3/22) at 6:00 PM. Thanks go to Kate & Fergie and Kathy Simas for volunteering their time to serve.
3) Congrats to Paul Harris Society Members: The monthly givers to to the PHSM were recognized this morning, although only two were in attendance. Pictured below are Mike Gibson and Jim Peterson.
4) Rotating Dinners: Reminder for all hosts to contact their guests and guests to contact their hosts. Looking forward to lots of fun and Rotary fellowship. Contact Kate Ferguson for more details.
5) Dessert Auction Items: Michelle Jensen is in the process of getting as many dessert items as possible to auction off at the upcoming barn party. All proceeds will got to the Interact and Rotaract Clubs. Contact her if you would like to participate.
6) Barn Party Luau Update: Mike Buhring brought everyone up to date as to how plans were moving along (all is well). The main focus right now is to sell your tickets and get your items in as quickly as possible. Remember, May 12th will get here before you know it.
Wendy Foxen: had a recent birthday (3/19) and she celebrated at the one particular restaurant that makes her extremely happy, The Cracked Crab. Happy Birthday Wendy!! $55
Jim Peterson: Jim's wife Arlene had a recent birthday on 3/16. As a side note, Arlene's cousin is mayor of a town that we will keep secret at this point in time. Happy Birthday Arlene!! $25
Mark Clarke: he and Linda recently returned from a trip to Arizona with Bob and Marcy Freidlein. Not quite sure what all they exactly did but they did find time to shove money inside a statue of a pig (some kind of Arizona Rotary ritual I'm told). Anyway, he thought it was cool so that was worth $50.
Carol Bradfield: attended a few baseball games in Arizona (with the Rotary clan) and was especially happy that you could bring your pet dog along as well. $50
Mike Moats: Mike and Susan were the overall hosts of the Arizona trip. He had a great time watching a few baseball games while he visited with everyone. He did get a little wild during the trip as he and his wife attended a Broadway production of "Hair" (yes, that "Hair" circa 1969). Hmmm...let's just say that he won't attend a return engagement if there is one. $50
Randy Wise: his birthday was actually on today's meeting date (which doesn't happen that often). He probably should have taken the cheaper fine route instead, but stepped up to brag $62 (matching his IQ).
Ken Bradley: spent over 6 months studying for a four hour Project Manager test that he recently passed with flying colors. Great job Ken! Now hopefully you can relax and enjoy life a little more. $25
Terry Dworaczyk: bragged on David Leroy and Toyota of Santa Maria for taking such great care of Terry's Mom's car $50
Ryan Swack: recently returned from a week in Arizona with the family. They attended Spring Training (where the players played catch with his kids), a waterpark and a zoo. The entire family had a great time! $50
Abel Maldonado: After some investigative work by Mr. Jackson, apparently he seems to think that there's a remarkable resemblance between Abel and the "most interesting man in the world" (see below). Before this went on too long, Mr. Maldonado offered up $100 to close the subject. "Stay thirsty my friend".
Mark Bachman: Apparently stole Mark Jackson's name tag (or vice versa). Anyway, badges were exchanged and no financial damage was apparently levied. $0
Mike Gibson: Sent a photo to President Jackson showing some friends standing next to a "No Standing" sign. Apparently the hilarity was lost on Mark as he promptly gave Mike a $50 fine (Note: he technically called it a brag, but I'm not getting it??)
This mornings program was presented by two fine jazz musicians, Ron Helman (Flugelhorn) and Chris Judge (Guitar). The duo performed a variety of jazz arrangements that kept the members thoroughly entertained. After the performance a short Q&A period followed. The Duo is currently between gigs but hopefully they will soon return to the Fess Parker Winery where they will once again entertain the patrons.
50/50 Winners
Kathy Scroggs (Guest) and David Leroy
Please visit us at:
REMINDER:  Meeting Makeups need to be submitted by the end of each month for full credit.