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Nov 26, 2020
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Dec 10, 2020
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Nov 12, 2020
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MEETING DATE:  October 8, 2020

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge of Allegiance
INVOCATION: "Dear Lord, thank you for the opportunity you give us all to make a difference through leadership, business and commerce. We pledge that in all the actions we take, in the attitudes we hold and in the ways we lead, we will serve only you. For we are not only the sheep of your fold, we are the merchants of your economy."

(Program Speaker)
Toyota of Santa Maria / Pinktober:
Selling decorated pumpkins for Mission Hope to benefit breast cancer research. This morning, the club took part in a progressive auction that supplied the winner with a pumpkin specifically decorated with a Rotary theme. The final winner was Frank Ortiz. The total funds that were raised was $416. Way to go Rotarians!!
Drive Thru BOO: October 29 will be here soon and additional volunteers and event decorators are needed. Contact Frank Ortiz if you can be of service.
Boys and Girl Club Fundraising Fall Event Schedule.
Shannon Seifert:  Bragged $50 on fellow Rotary member Mike Moats for winning the YMCA golf drop fundraiser. Mike graciously donated back a major portion of his winnings back to the Y.
Kevin Walthers: Bragged $50 on his newly remodeled outside entertainment space in his backyard of which he named "Ocho Bistro". The new space includes a brand new smoker, new furniture, fire pit and a flat screen TV. Looks great Kevin!! We all can't wait to be invited overlaugh
Mark Bachman: bragged $40 on his two son's birthdays (19 & 21). Sadly, he also donated a generous $500 to our club's compassion fund in honor of his Mother who recently passed.
Mark Jackson: recently celebrated his 37th wedding anniversary. The celebration included a trip to Lake Tahoe (it was smoky, but fun). $37
Lee Carroll: bragged $10 on the Jackson's anniversary and another $15 for a great Andy Caldwell political ad that he recently saw.
Michelle Jensen: bragged $30 on the birth of her second grandchild. She now has two boys, one month apart. Congratulations!
Jim Ventriglia: Sold one of his motor homes that allegedly Tim Staffel either owned or wanted to own (not quite sure?). Either way, it was worth $25
 No Fines This Week
Today's speaker was Mr. Edwin Rutsch who spoke to our group about the importance of empathy and how it is needed and helps to benefit our everyday lives. He explained how an empathy circle exercise works and how each participant has an important role to fill during the process. He then performed sample scenarios with volunteers from the audience. Questions were then asked and answered.
A Little Empathy Humor

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