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MEETING DATE:  January 30, 2020

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: President Kevin Walthers

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Guest Speaker: Cassie Roach
Super Bowl Pool: Everyone was given the opportunity to purchase a square for the upcoming game on Sunday. If you don't have a copy, please re-check your e-mail as Frank sent out the completed form last week.
Noah Slocum Fundraiser: A benefit BBQ will occur at Pioneer Park on February 7th from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. The cost is $10.00 for a Tri-tip sandwich. Noah is a 15 year old boy that was stricken with cancer.
OCAF Gala: February 22, 2020 at the Radisson beginning at 5:30 PM. Tickets are $125 per person. Debbie Blow has all of the purchasing details.
Orcutt Academy Spartatronics: A lengthy demonstration will occur on February 23 / 4:00 PM at the Elks. Kevin Walthers has all the information if you're interested in attending.
Tip-A-Cop Benefit Dinner: Mark Schneider announced that there will be a Tip-A-Cop dinner (benefiting Special Olympics) on February 22 / 5:30 PM at the SM Country Club.
Elizabeth Smart Appearance: March 28, 2020 @ The Granada. The cost is $181.
Ted Ortega: recently returned from a trip to the Staples center and was a "first hand" witness to the many Kobe Bryant tributes that were occurring around that location. Ted was so moved that he bragged $100.
Michelle Newman & Jerry Walsh are the new Monthly (or is that Weekly?) Rotarians of the Decade. Michelle was absent and Jerry was just glad to be there.
Mike Buhring: Mike and Michelle recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. $33
Jason Francia: He and his wife just had their 3rd wedding anniversary. $30 (Note: he tried to get Buhring to go $10 per year, but that idea didn't get too far) laugh
Shannon Seifert: It's always hard for the editor to follow Shannon's thought process, as her brain moves so quickly. This is what I think I heard: $3.00 (Mike B's pre-nuptial shout out), $19.99 for Ted's clipboard purchase and $2.00 for McDermott's "loser" Patriots dress shirt. Rounding off to a $25 total (not $24 Shannon).
Kate Ferguson: bragged on her landscape helping buddies Michelle Newman and Jim & Roxanne Ventriglia (although, judging by the picture, it looks like Jim just kept the lawn chair warm). $30
Tim Seifert: designated $100 to the compassion fund in honor of Trini Martinez who recently passed away.
Jimmy Ventriglia: $30 for wearing flip flops with a "farmers tan" where his socks should have been.
Shannon Seifert: bought a new (or maybe it was used?) Honda. Because of that, Shannon, David Leroy and Mark Bachman were all fined $30 each. Not quite sure of the logic behind it, but I guess he's got to catch up somehow.
Dan Blough: Something to do with cannabis legalities in a newspaper photo? $30
Andy Caldwell: I guess the $30 fine was for not being here this morning although with all of his campaign commercials airing, it seems like he's living in all of our homes.
Rich Watson: For advertising the new San Joaquin Valley College (formerly Santa Barbara Business College). When Kevin's around, that's a no-no. :)  $30
Randy Wise: Was fined the big $30 for having the audacity of misplacing his cell phone at a Rotary meeting (that will always cost you no matter what)

New Beginnings

   Cassie Roach from New Beginnings was our speaker this morning. She spoke about the Safe Parking Program that she's in charge of. The program focuses on the homeless population that have no choice at this point in their lives, but to live in their vehicles. New Beginnings works with a wide variety of organizations to help find safe parking for these individuals so that they can have a safe place to rest during the overnight hours. Currently the program works with a $626,000 budget that focuses solely on the city of Santa Barbara. The program began in 2003 and now services approximately 150+ per night. The program has become so successful that there is now currently 80+ individuals on the waiting list. The ultimate goal of the program is to transition all participants into permanent safe housing. The Safe Parking Program is now being considered by other communities. Due to this interest, New Beginnings created a program manual that can be used to help start a program in other cities. After speaking, our club was happy to contribute a check for $500 to be used towards future project expenses.

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