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MEETING DATE: May 13, 2021

FLAG SALUTE: Self Pledge

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Ken Strange (Program Speaker)
Chris Logan: This morning we proudly inducted new member Chris Logan into our club's membership ranks. We look forward to getting to know Chris on a personal level as we fast approach live meetings once again. Congratulations Chris, welcome to Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary!
OCAF: There are still plenty of dining fundraiser tickets available for purchase. Every day there's a winner.........It could be you. Go to to purchase yours today.
AHC Centennial Celebration: The sponsored 100 year celebration is fast approaching. Please check your calendars and plan on attending the event on Saturday May 22. Contact Kevin Walthers if you need more information.
SMV YMCA: Shannon Seifert is still looking for good entry level employment applicants to help with child care programs. If anyone knows of any young adults that may be looking for a job, please send them her way.
Econ Alliance Golf Tournament: Monday August 23, 2021
Police Council Golf Tournament: Friday August 13, 2021. Currently seeking sponsorships. Contact Mike Gibson if you would like to participate.
Downtown Fridays: are starting up once again beginning May 21. Ed Carcarey will tell us all about it in the near future.
Ted Ortega: is recovering from surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he starts the healing process.
Andy Caldwell: bragged on his youngest daughter graduating college and he also had a birthday. $50
Kevin Walthers: bragged $50 on Mike Gibson and his wife Shannon, for doing a great job helping with the upcoming AHC Centennial celebration.
Tanya Astrosky: thanked Ryan Swack for a great Mother's Day brunch at the Santa Maria Inn. She and her family had a wonderful time. $20
Mark Bachman: recently returned from a week's long stay at Mammoth where he did absolutely nothing (a perfect vacation). He also bragged on Mother's Day at his sister's house (quite a few Mothers were hosted). $100
Ryan Swack: has the perfect wife and Mother of his children. To celebrate that special day she wanted to go to an Oakland A's baseball. The whole family went and they had a great time. $30
David Leroy: his son celebrated his nine year birthday recently. He loves him very much and is very proud of him. $50
Frank Ortiz: is going on a four week vacation where there is a four hour time difference (you figure it out). Due to that fact, he will not be attending very many meetings in the near future. Since no brags will be coming during that time, he thought that $20 would be better than nothingwink

 No fines this morning
Ken Strange
  Mr. Strange attended our meeting this morning and spoke about the spiritual trek that he and his wife went on in 2018. After completion and returning home he wrote a book entitled "It's your Camino" one couple's 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain. The walk itself took 31 days to complete averaging 12 to 22 miles per day. After speaking to the club about the history and reasoning behind the journey, he then played a scenic video that showed many of the sights that they experienced along the way. Afterwards Ken took questions from the members in attendance. If interested, the book can be purchased in English as well as Spanish on
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