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Nov 14, 2019
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MEETING DATE:  October 17, 2019

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Past President, Lee Carroll
FLAG SALUTE: Jimmie Ventriglia

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Carlos Escobedo, from Hancock College, and Pat Sheehy, our program for the day.
Sips & Sombreros: Saturday November 2, 2019 - Santa Maria Fairpark
CASA of Hope BBQ: Saturday, November 9th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Lions Club of Orcutt, tickets are $12.00 each. See Kate Ferguson for tickets
PCPA "The Little Mermaid": Friday December 6, 2019. 7:00 PM. Betty Miller has all the info. See her for price and details.
District Rotary event coming to the Radisson in Santa Maria:  we need between 5 to 7 people to help with table decoration for a Rotary Service event.  The help is needed on Friday November 1.    (More info to follow later in the week).
Craft Talk by Tanya Atrosky
New member Tanya  Astrosky shared a little bit about herself.  She got her under graduate degree in international relations.   Then she met this military guy, and put her plans on hold to travel the world with him.  They eventually landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  
For the last 21 years she has been in Human Resources (HR), which is like being the assistant principal of the business.  “HR is often where you go when you are in trouble.” She has worked in this compacity for Teixeira Farms, Santa Maria Times, and VTC Enterprises.
What she likes about working in HR, is that no day is ever the same. She likes change; and people and laws are always changing.  She also likes helping people and changing their lives.  
It is a very diverse profession.  She is a generalist, who has a broad knowledge of what happens in the HR world.  The work is pretty much the same at any company.  They walk a fine line between advocating for an employee and protecting the organization.  Don’t fear her – she doesn’t do terminations!
Debbie Blow (Weekly Rotarian of the Decade):  Debbie shared that her husband had been in the hospital for a couple of days, but is doing better.
Jim Bray, bragged $25 on the volunteers and sponsors for the Air Show.  In particular, he bragged on Pat and Cyndy McDermott for all their help. The event could not have been a success without the help of all the sponsors:  David LeRoy from Toyota of Santa Maria, Del Taco, Ameriprise, Dr. Moats, Dan Blough Construction, and Jean-Luc Garon.
Chris Hastert, bragged twice on the Air Show.  He bragged $25 on Jim Bray, and all that he does behind the scenes to support the event.  Chris also bragged $50 on the great committee who helped put it on.  There were over 400 volunteers, including several Rotarians.
Roberto Rodriguez, bragged $25 and thanked everyone that helped with the Boys & Girls Club Back a Youth Event.  Our Rotarians dance better than anyone else.  
Tim Seifert, bragged $50 on the Air Show and all the great work. 
Peter Sterling, bragged $20 on his participation in an event that was part of the Jim Canna Rodeo Competition.  He participated in several events, but was frustrated because he lost one event to a little red haired girl.
Randy Wise, bragged  $50 on the Central Coast Spelling Bee which was held last Saturday.   Our club sponsored two teams, who finished in the middle of the pack.
Mark Clarke, Mike Moats, Randy Wise,  Roberto Rodriquez, Craig Bernard,  Ryan Swack, and Michele Jensen were all fined because they were using a different colored table napkin.
Dale Johnson, Frank Ortiz, and Mike Gibson, were fined "just because they could be".

G. Allan Hancock: American Businessman


Presented by Pat Sheehy

This week's program was presented by Pat Sheehy.  He reviewed many interesting facts about Mr. Hancock and his wife, who were a big part of helping establish many aspects of Santa Maria.  Mr. Hancock’s father was skilled in law and surveying and due to his work in the LA area, he was given unclaimed lots in the Brea Tar pits area.  Allan helped develop some of the wells in the area which became Rancho La Brea.  LA continued to grow, and the land became more valuable than the oil beneath it.  Allan sold Rancho La Brea, which is at the current corner of Wilshire and Vermont in LA.  There is still oil beneath the area to this day.
After selling the tar pits, Allan moved to Santa Maria in 1925.  He wanted to start a new career and was involved in many successful ventures in Santa Maria including purchasing a railroad, and an ice plant.  He also helped develop the oil and agriculture businesses in the area.  He started a school of aeronautics, as well as the airport, Hancock College, and the PCPA Theatre. Among his many other interests, Allan was a musician and loved of musical theater.  His wife was also very active and supportive in the community, and Marian Medical center is named after her.

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