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Mar 23, 2023
Youth Empowerment Summit, YES
Mar 30, 2023
Guadalupe Nipomo Dunes Center/ Susanne Levy
Apr 06, 2023
"College and Career Showcase"
Apr 13, 2023
SCORE / Rodeo Candidate
Apr 20, 2023
Apr 27, 2023
805Concerts LLC/Read essays
May 04, 2023
Graffitti Abatement
May 11, 2023
Holly Edds
May 18, 2023
Barn Party!!!
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 March 2, 2023
Pledge of Allegiance: Pat McDermott
Invocation: Lee Carroll
Visiting Rotarians:  None this week
GuestsJoJo Murdock, Paige VanTuyl & Kerri Burns (Speaker).
Event Chair TANYA ASTROSKY reminded us the Barn Party is
only 79 days away!
Club Member Obligations
for the Barn Party
Financial Obligations:
  • Sell 4 tickets
  • Provide an auction item(s) with a minimum Fair Market Value of $400 or pay the club cash in-lieu of the auction item(s)
  • These items are to be listed on the Barn Party Acquisition Form and forwarded to Frank Ortiz by Friday, April 12th.
Time Obligations:
  • Sign up for at least 1 work shift to decorate the barn.
  • Sign up for a job duty the night of the event.
  • Sign up to take down & store decorations and clean the barn.
Sponsorships to Satisfy
Financial Obligation
If you obtain a sponsorship packet at a minimum value of $1,000 (Hula Sponsor) your financial obligations for the Barn Party will be met.  However, the Time Obligation remains.
The club member bringing the highest dollar value in sponsorships will receive a gift and special recognition at the first meeting in July.
Information will be coming to your mailbox very shortly.
Guadalupe Boys & Girls Club
Back-a-Youth Night
March 30th
Mike Gibson provided a brief overview of the SMBR history with the Guadalupe Boys & Girls Club and circulated a sign-up sheet for members available to share time with some great kids.
The Boys & Girls Club will be holding a "Starry, Starry Night" fundraising event on Saturday April 15th. More details coming soon!
 Rotary Service Day
Rotary Centennial Park
Saturday, April 22nd
Kathy Simas is requesting the assistance of 20 members to assist in on 3 projects.
Kate Ferguson reminds us the next event is scheduled for
MAY 9 in Lompoc
HOLLY EDDS is extending an invitation to all SMBR members to, once again, participate in this very rewarding program.
Check out the details:
Contact KATHY SIMAS for more information.
NC DINOS, the official Korean Baseball team adopted by SMBR, is 1,500:1 to win the 2023 Championship.
Glenn Morris, as CEO of the Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce, bragged about the very successful Business Expo recently completed.  $100
Holly Edds expressed her appreciation for the wonderful support of the Orcutt Children's Arts Foundation Gala!  $100
Kevin Walthers bragged about the grand opening of the AHC Fine Arts complex.  This project was first introduced circa 1996, as our own Betty Miller will attest.  $100
Tim Staffel congratulated AHC for the foresight to develop a Fine Arts complex and program.  $100
Suzanne Levy joined in on praising the AHC Fine Arts complex and added her daughter Mia's recent TEDx talk on Mediation, Escalation and Cooperation in Washington, D.C.  $50
1982 was a banner year for SMBR nuptials.  Frank Culley and John Everett each celebrated 41 years of marital their wives, of course!  $41
Jim Peterson bragged wife Arlene and about celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary.  $17
Mason Frakes & Peter Kang thanked all of the Club members for their generous support of the Diaper Drive conducted last month.  He effusively complimented Marian Hospital for the care his father received to address a serious medical issue! $50 
  March is Women's History Month
Actress Hedwig Eva Marie Kiesler (1914-2000), was known as the “Most beautiful woman in the world” during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  "Hedy" was as intelligent as she was beautiful.  In 1941 she and associate George Antheil invented the “Secret Communication System” (US Patent #2,292,387), Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum Technology, which was used to jam enemy armament signals. 
If you have never heard of this technology before you’re not alone!  Her invention is used in a myriad of current-day applications: Cell Phones, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and many other wireless systems.
Ed Carcarey got caught between a rock and a hard spot when "Pretend President" Walthers called him to the front of the room to answer some long-forgotten history!  Well, Ed didn't do so well and because he didn't get a single answer correct ... EVERYONE got a $30 fine.  Berto, hurry back!
Chief Executive Director,
Santa Barbara Humane Society
Champions for animals and the people loving them.
The local Santa Barbara Humane Society was founded in 1984 and is dedicated to the welfare of animals striving to provide a safe haven for homeless dogs and cats while actively seeking “forever homes” for them.
The SBHS serves the community with two shelters (Santa Barbara & Santa Maria @ 1687 W. Stowell Rd.) offering animal adoption services, spay/neuter service, a vaccination clinic, humane education center, boarding kennels, and professional inspection and emergency response services.  This program is a Destination Shelter, sending and receiving animals from near and far for appropriate care and placement.  Additionally, the society is indeed humane with a Live Release Rate of 97% which is well above the national rate of 89%.
Kerri joined the SBHS in February 2018 after serving many humane service entities throughout the country since the late 1990s.  She holds a baccalaureate degree in Criminal Justice & Counseling and is mid-stream in a Masters in Counseling program.  Well regarded for advancing private-nonprofit partnerships, Kerri was recognized with the American Humane Association’s Dennis White Award for her educational outreach on a variety of animal welfare topics.
The principal source of funding for the Santa Barbara Humane Society is through donations.  We encourage you to check out the many services and giving options, which can be obtained by calling (805) 964-4777 or found on the SBHS website:
And the  winners are...
Steve Fuhring & Jim Small

Please visit us at: