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     June continued to be another strange month what with the Virus and the Government. June is also the end of the Rotary year and the beginning of a brand new Rotary year. A new President, a new District Governor and some new Club Officers. The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast continues to do what is always does. We support our community, students, (with scholarships) other non-profit organizations and the world wide fight to end Polio once and for all, to name just a few. We also enjoy great friendships and have fun while we are doing what we do.
     As has become the custom, we continue to have our meetings on ZOOM. We like the ZOOM meetings so much that several members login early to banter back and forth with good friends and catch up on the goings on of other members, the things we did when we met in person at The Santa Maria Inn. I truly miss those in person meetings and those Thursday morning breakfasts.
Here is a little humor that might get a few chuckles.